2015 Vinum Ferus 'Valour' Pinot Noir

2015 Vinum Ferus 'Valour' Pinot Noir


 Varietally correct, garnet, medium minus opacity, BUT- This wine is fun! This wine is 100% pinot noir from a single block of a single vineyard, and it is in fact an odd clone said to be taken from the Hanzell vineyard. The clusters hang more loose than the usual tight pinot noir clones. It exemplifies the cherry, the dirt, the cedar of Oregon pinot noir. That being said, it is meant to be enjoyed! The back label is the prologue of a many-chaptered fantastical tale of a girl who is destined to overthrow the old, stodgy guard of wine.

   The main point is while having pedigree and incredible value for an Oregon pinot noir, it is to relax and have a good time while drinking it with friends. 

90 Wine Enthusiast

"This little thing is gorgeous. I love this wine. It’s got an old-worldy foundation to it but a new-world concentration." -soifknows.com

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