Coffee Table

Coffee Table



"Furniture is functional artwork. A piece of furniture is a part of your family, part of your life, part of your every day life. It moves through life with you, and beyond you. That’s why I like to work with heavier thicknesses of steel, so maybe it will go to my grandkids or, who knows, maybe end up in Goodwill. It's a piece of American made, hand-crafted, soulful furniture."                                                  -Mark

Beautiful Oregon Black Walnut top. The staves were given to Mark by a friend and allowed to sit outside for a few months before a local carpenter planed and restored them to the walnut's natural splendor. Rich reds, greens, yellows and browns were revealed from this restoration. Clear polyurethane was used to protect the surface, although proper coasters are a worthwhile investment. The base was fabricated from mild steel tubing and allowed it to undergo a 3 week patina which included a two week stint in nature. 

"I like the earth to be involved in it, the elements, the rain. Putting a piece outside and letting it evolve to what it wants to be, out of control for a minute. Then I bring it back in and take control again and take away a little of what nature’s done, and I apply patina and let the patina take over."


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