6 bottles of 2015 Valour Pinot Noir

6 bottles of 2015 Valour Pinot Noir

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This is an incredibly exciting release as it is the first of a series of bottlings that tell the epic tale of a girl who is destined to overthrow the old snooty wine guard.

Single block Hanzell clone pinot noir from the La Cantera Vineyard that was made with 100% whole cluster and lots and lots of foot stomping followed by gentle punch downs then pump overs. It was then placed in neutral french oak and stirred for an expressive and ready to drink wine.

It tastes like cinnamon and clove and bramble berries and the bramble bush itself. It's delightful and meant to be consumed with friends with no pretension. 

Closed with Stelvin screw cap for easy access.

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