Vinum Ferus Wine Club

Winemaker Natalie Lee enjoying a day on Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Winemaker Natalie Lee enjoying a day on Mt. Hood, Oregon.

It's all about the life style.

   "I became a winemaker because of the lifestyle- being close to nature, following the cycles of the earth, producing something that is healthful, tastes delicious and brings people together...and it gives me flexibility to have a family, take a yoga class whenever I want, and drink wine at work."
-Natalie Lee . Owner and Winemaker of Vinum Ferus

   Drinking wine is part of a lifestyle that promotes health, well-being, and good times. There are so many wines out there, that it can be difficult to know which wines are produced sustainably by families instead of large companies. That is one reason why joining the Vinum Ferus Wine Club is so exciting. You know the wine is certified sustainable, that it's small production (less than 1,000 cases), and that it's made with passion. 

   Three times a year, you'll receive a shipment of 4 wines that showcase the Oregon soil, the winemaker's finesse, and, of course, Mother Nature. Each different bottling has a unique label that reflects the free style of a small producer doing what she loves. If you want more wine, you can simply order it with a 30% discount.

   This wine club connects you with another gorgeous state that abounds with beautiful nature, killer restaurants, and tons of wineries and breweries. If you decide to travel to Oregon, you will have a local connection to guide you through the best of what Oregon has to offer from wild, jutting coastline, to ski spots, hot springs, the best wine cellars, and the most delicious cuisine. 

Here are the basics of what the Vinum Ferus Wine Club offers:

  • 3 releases each year with 4 bottles in each release shipped right to your door

  • 20% off all Vinum Ferus Wine

  • A personalized tour guide for you if you visit Oregon. I will show you the best trails, hot springs, restaurants and wineries to visit

  • First dibs on epic sales and releases

  • Access to club only releases

  • The fulfillment of knowing you are supporting a small, family-owned business run by passion.

To sign up, orif you have any questions, please email me at . Unsure about whether to join? Call me and tell me why (303) 887-1813


And if you'd like to pick your wine up at the tasting room in McMinnville, that is easily done instead of shipping!