The best buzz is on bubbles: a new Bubbles Bar opens in the Willamette Valley

Owned by one of the grandfathers of the Willamette Valley Wine Country, Dick Ponzi*, this tasting room turned Bubbles Bar is a refreshing addition to the Valley. It is an attached addition to his restaurant, Dundee Bistro, which serves wine-country casual, yet elegant fare. As mentioned above, the Bubbles Bar was once a Ponzi tasting room. I was so excited to hear of its conversion. As a local to a couple of different wine regions in my life, I have dealt with the sad truth that finding a restaurant that serves wine made outside of that wine region can be hard. When visiting wine country, look to places such as these, the ones that serve the French wines and the funky Slovenian wines, to be the hot spot for winemakers. The list of reasons that make this a “must-do” on your Willamette Valley visit are long...

(I envision the unrolling of a really long scroll in order to tout the points below)

  • Flights of ever-rotating by the glass selections of Bubbles like RM’s (Grower Champagne) and NM’s (Champagnes made my people who purchase grapes instead of growing them) along with sparkling from all over the world, like Barbaresco, Savoie and Slovenia
  • A Non-fussy bar menu when you got the munchies
  • Happy Hour is a lengthy 4 hours from 2-6 PM and has things like Pacific Northwest Shigoku oysters, Pappardelle, Truffle frites and Pizzas, on the cheap
    • This could stop right here. Champagne and frites or oysters is the best pairing ever created
  • Bubbles are not all there is, for red and white BTG's (by the glass, for all you non-restaurant peeps)  from lots of producers in Oregon and well beyond, a few house made and classic cocktails (I spy Chartreuse and St.Germain), a small but choice Scotch selection, and an espresso machine (which does wonders on a marathon day of tasting and eating)
  • In the summer there’s a patio (soak up that Oregon sun while you can)
  • The entire Dundee Bistro menu is at your disposal, excepting Saturday nights when it gets cra-cra
    • This includes their wine list, which boasts an impressive Oregon pinot noir section ** as well as eclectic producers from around the world such as Nicolas Joly and ____
  • Full bubble bottle list of around 35 selections ranging from a $30 Prosecco, to a $325 Selosse
    • It’s mostly NV Champagne, which I can’t complain about
  • Dying to catch your team play, even though you’re on vacation? Cozy up on their couch and watch it on their flat screen
  • Kids are allowed inside and outside, except for sitting at the bar itself (duh)
  • It stays open until 9 PM, which is 3 hours after most tasting rooms shutter their doors.
  • There’s several tasting rooms within 1/2 mile 

In fact, the only downside to this spot is the peril of dealing with Dundee traffic, which I will further discuss in a separate post. Or you can email me at for my list of suggestions for an entire day in Dundee.

I always like to offer my support to wonderful people in the valley who are branching out and doing something bold and new. Offer your support to this great family as well. I guarantee there’s a chance you’ll see me there.

* (who, by the way is an incredible human being, starting as an engineer and professor, transforming a farming community into a world wide wine powerhouse, raising incredible daughters who have taken over the business, and I heard that now he teaches convicts, but alas, I digress),

** I URGE you to purchase the 1998 magnum of Beaux Freres as it is one of my favorite vintages of all time and that is a steal such an incredible bottle