Top 4 Hamburgers in the Valley

The burger at Community Plate in McMinnville, OR. 

The burger at Community Plate in McMinnville, OR. 

Something I love about Oregon is the fact that most people love red meat, and they even brag about their bacon consumption. 

For years I did not eat burgers or fries because they were too high in fat, had a bun, blah blah blah. Now I eat burgers at least once a week, and often more, and the Willamette Valley has some damn fine burger selections out there. 

Here's my top 4:

4.) Community Plate. I'm much more of a breakfast person here (in fact, I had to have a talk with myself about how I need to stop going every single day to get their off the charts gluten free muffin), BUT they do a good lunch, and their burger is classic. I suggest pairing with their fries or their simple green salad. The house made salad dressing is the bomb. 

3.) Carlton Corners in Carlton is a gas station that serves up some addictive burgers that can be eaten on their outdoor patio, their restaurant, or taken to go. There's also local beer served there to pair. Warning: I hear that eating it while driving can cause a potential crash due to the immense pleasure it brings.

2.) Valley Commissary is a newer operation in MAC. Their burger is so tasty and comes with a side of fries. Do NOT go with out the house made aioli dipping sauce, and pair that with their draft beer.

1.) Recipe: A Neighborhood Kitchen in Newberg has a 1/2 pound gigantic burger served on  a brioche bun and a thick slice of Tilamook Aged White Cheddar Cheese. They only serve it during lunch, so plan on stopping there throughout your day of tasting. Unfortunately they have no fries. *** They are temporarily not open for lunch because of a fire last summer. I'll keep you up to date on their lunch time reopening.