A formal introduction to the blog.

Ciao lovelies, 

I have now lived in Oregon for over two years, and I'm so grateful to be living in the fairy tale land that is the Willamette Valley where the land is covered in dense, gorgeous pines, streams, hills, and mountains, fruit trees, nut trees and vegetables overflow from the soil, wine is as abundant as water, and the community is second to none. 

My dream and passion has been wine ever since college, and I am now living my dream of making wine and being able to explore this wonderland by dining at incredible restaurants of endless varieties, tasting wine at the wineries and tasting rooms that are each so unique, and discovering new trails and waterfalls.

Here I share my passion, in hopes of turning you on to these same things. If you are visiting the Willamette Valley for the first time, this will be a fantastic guide of some of the best places to scope out and why. 

And if you are planning a trip, contact me with any questions about your itenerary.