I'm a drinker with a running problem: 3 ideal running getaways

Best places to run while visiting the Willamette Valley can be tricky. There's tons of road, but trust me, it's not the safest on most roads. 

If you're training for a long distance run like a marathon, Mark one of these scenic routes as a must while you're visiting.


1) Hagg Lake only 45 minutes from McMinnville, run around the lake on a trail for a killer 15 mile run. You can also run on pavement around the lake, but the trail is the way to go.

2.) Forest Park is a huge park that winds around and through the city of Portland. It has miles and miles and miles of trails with several entry points. Go on their website to find an entry point that suits you. Some are crowded with people and others are more remote where you will see only a handful of people the entire time.

3.) Silver Lake is an hour drive outside the valley, but this park has waterfalls for days including a waterfall you actually walk behind to view one of the most beautiful scenes I've ever seen. Trails abound in this park.